Manikharnika Tamil Trailer Released!

New Delhi, 06 January (Udaipur Kiran). Kangana Runaut is coming soon in the middle of her audience with the film Manikarnika 2019 Full Movie. The Hindi trailer of this movie was very liked, now the Manikarnika 2019 Full Movie film trailer has also been released in Tamil. Kangna Ranaut Veerangana is playing the role of Rani Laxmibai in this movie. After dubbing in this Tamil trailer, the voice of his acting is also heard loud. The film was released in Tamil in the trailer in Chennai.

Manikharnika Tamil Trailer Released!

The trailer starts with the British seam. "Manikarnika 2019 Full Movie" comes out to save people. Pali Manikarnika 2019 Full Movie in Rajmahalas is not very special. It is indicated with Kangana's entry. After this, it is seen that the journey from wife to queen mother and then Lakshmi Bai to become a queen of Jhansi becomes queen. In this film, Kangana has played Lead Roll.

Manikharnika Tamil Trailer
Manikharnika Tamil Trailer

In action avatar, Kangna has given a great performance, but in some places Kangana's voice and characters do not seem to match. Although Kangana's look is fantastic in the Queen's Gateup. This film is a big challenge for Kangana, who is paying for the first time a warrior's role in the film. The trailer of this movie gives a glimpse of the different dimensions of the personality of the Queen of Jhansi. In such a scenario, it will be interesting for the audience to see their entire character in the film. The film will be released on January 2019.

'Manikarnika 2019 Full Movie: The Queen of Jhansi' will be in this fort, promo show, Kangna Runout

The film 'Manikarnika 2019 Full Movie: The Queen of Jhansi', which was shot on the glorification of Maharani Laxmibai, the first warrior of independence, is going to be performed on January 17 in the historical fort of Jhansi. The film's main cast Kangana Ranaut will keep the promo show, after which the film will be released on the occasion of Republic Day.

Will first see the Jhansi fort film

by filmmakers, has went permission from the Archaeological Survey of India to keep promo show in Jhansi fort. It will be displayed here on 17th January. Significantly, the glory of Veerangana Rani Jhansi has always been the center of attraction for the cinema. Rani-based film and TV serials have already been created, which the audience liked well.

Jhansi fort film

Now Jee studio has brought the Queen's pride to a new style in 'Manikarnika 2019 Full Movie: The Queen of Jhansi'. The trailer of the movie has been started, in which the grandeur is seen.

In this movie, Kangna Ranaut has also tried to add to the role of the queen. According to District Collector Shivsay Awasthi, Kangana will be in the promo show itself. Permission has been sought from the Archaeological Survey of India for the film's performance in the fort here. The plan will be finalized soon.

Kangana Ranaut, famous for being a queen in Bollywood, is very excited about the release of her upcoming film Manikarnika, The Queen of Jhansi, for the information that she is not only in the role of hero in the film but also in command of the direction Handled.

This is the secret of life

For information, for Kangana, the film was difficult to direct along with acting, about which he had said, 'This is definitely the most difficult experience of my life but somehow it all came together It's amazing. ' Talking about the role of his life and the role of Rani Lakshmi Bai, Kangna told a newspaper, "I think life is a struggle for some people and for some it is easy, this is the secret of life.

My roll meets the queen 

According to the information received, Kangna said, 'Vijendra Sir told me, while comparing between me and the queen, this movie is an examination for you. Rani comes in the royal palace and her husband leaves them. You get the role of your life, which comes suddenly in your life as an actor and you have to handle this work well, which you have never expected. My travels get very much from him.