Manikarnika Full Movie Journey was not easy: Kangna Runout

Team Digital Recently, the trailer of the movie 'Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi' was released for the most acclaimed movie. During the trailer launch, the stars of the film were present along with the entire cast ceremony. The trailer hit YouTube as soon as the release was released, and within a few hours its views went beyond millions. Following the launch of the trailer, the film's lead actress and director Kangana Ranaut has a special dialogue with Navodaya Times.

After watching Manikarnika Full Movie, critics will be Silent: Kangna

For many years, many people have tried to make this film but they could not get it. After making 'Tanu Weds Manu Returns', I felt that I was ready to make such a big budget film in which a woman was shown as a hero. But the journey was not easy, we had to face many obstacles in making this film.

The responsibility of directing the Manikarnika full film alone

was a lot of excitement as an actor when I got the offer for the film. When Krrish left the film, I was given the responsibility of directing this movie. A new director started this movie with a fresh start and it was better understood that I would direct this movie. Although it was first decided that for my help, I would be given two new directors, but both the directors left the film in the middle and then I had to handle this alone.

Manikarnika: At the time of directing, he got angry because of Kangana

Two years ago

I had tried to direct myself. I always wanted to try myself in the direction. According to my plan, I tried even two years ago to direct the film but it could not be possible. At that time, I had thought that when the right time comes I will take it forward again. But this moment will come suddenly like this for which I was not prepared, but because of the 'Queen' film itself I was assuming myself ready for the direction, so I took the responsibility to direct this film.

Biopic Films While

making a biopic film different from the rest of the films, we have to pay attention that we can not show anything in the film for Entertainment. We have to pay attention to the fact that things can be seen in the film, whose paper proofs are available. We also had to pay attention to the action that we should not show any weapons that were not used at that time because there is a special look of the censor board on such films. Perhaps this is the reason that biopic films are quite different from other films and are difficult.

Manikarnika fans include Shraddha Kapoor

Like being

an actor, I do not know why I do not like the confrontation to get an actor. As a director, you have to reach the set before the actor, the actor wants to stay on the set for a longer time, but still I like being more director than being an actor. If I get a chance to direct the movie then it will be a matter of great pleasure for me.