Manikarnika: At the time of directing, he got angry because of Kangana

Kangna's Power Packed Action showing in Manikarnika Full Movie The actress described Direction as her first true love.

Kangana Ranaut Mcaveted Movie 'Manikarnika Full Movie: The Queen of Jhansi' is the trailer. Rani Laxmibai performs Kangana power packed action in the roll. The movie has been directed by Krish and Kangana. Kangana had to take command of the direction due to being busy in the second project of Krish.

On the occasion of the trailer launch, the actress told that she used to wear heavy-duty costumes and got angry in directing.

The actress said: "It was difficult to direct with so many costumes. Heavy jewelry and wearing outfits, I was angry while directing. I always had to run away from the monitor and go to the actors. Apart from this, I did not face any problem in the direction. My team supported me a lot. ''

He said, "I do not have anything cute than directing. Something is great for this job. Acting is more than work for me, but the direction is fun. It seems that this is my first true love. "

Controversy arose in the direction of Kangana

Kangana 's movie has long been in controversy. Screw screwed over the direction of the movie too. Kangna had to work under direction because of being busy in the biopic of the NTR of Krish . Sonu Sood also shrugged Manikarnika Full Movie due to being the movie's director.

According to Kamal Jain, producer of the film, " Kangna has directed 70 percent of the film and part of it is directed by Krish. The directive credit is given to both Krrish and Kangana in the movie trailer."