After watching Manikarnika Full Movie, critics will be Silent: Kangna

After watching Manikarnika Full Movie, critics will be Silent: Kangna. Kangana Ranaut said on Wednesday that it will stop all the critics from watching the movie, because of its upcoming film Manikarnika Full Movie 2019He said that those people who are not saying good things about me or my film, must stop their mouth after watching the film. People who are saying good things will not be able to shut their mouths. Manikarnika Full Movie's trailer has just been released recently.

Kangana is debuting as Director

  1. Kangana is debuting as film director from Film Manikarnika 2019 Full MovieEarlier it was directed by Krish Jagar Lalmudi, but due to his involvement in other South American films, he separated from it.
  2. Kangna said, "I feel that this is the result of teamwork. Initially, I found it difficult, but then, I thought I could do justice with the film as an actor and director. We are very excited for the release of the movie. " 
  3. Kangana also hinted about her next film in the same things. Kangna said that Vijay Prasad is writing the story of the film. He also helped me during Manikarnika Full Movie in New Year 2019My next film is also writing the same, which will be a love story.

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